Conversion Costs

If you are thinking about exploring the prospect of a loft conversion? At 1st Choice loft conversion company Southport, we design and build individual loft conversion to our client’s requirements and as all are not the same this means prices change from one conversion to the next.

We do however believe in transparency so have produced this guide to give you a typical idea about how much you can expect a Loft Conversion to cost.

As we all know Loft conversions are a super way of adding extra value & space to any home meaning they are great investment not only in terms of finance but to your quality of life. Depending on the size of your loft, an average loft conversion can cost between £25,000 to £38,000 possibly more for larger and more complex projects, also dependent on numerous different factors such as fixtures and fittings, type of loft, size, interior finishes.

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