Most frequent questions and answers

This will not be a requirement. The installation of the new flooring in the loft conversion, along with the insulation in between will ensure the fire, thermal and sound building regulations are adhered to.

In accordance with current building regulations, smoke detectors are a requirement for new loft conversions. We will be able to fit these in the required places.

If you are the owner of a typical two storey property then fire doors will need to be installed to each habitable room at ground and first floor level.

Alternately if you would prefer to install smoke alarms to each habitable room fire doors would not need to be required.

Steel beams are usually required in a new loft conversion, although timber can be used as an alternative.

These beams will bear the load of the extended floor space and to support the newly constructed roof.

There are a few different styles of dormers available, although the most popular tends to be either a smaller box dormer, or a full width rear box dormer.

The dormer’s facing cheeks are usually constructed using building timber but in some instances can be constructed using masonry.

With the timber construction they will be finished using roofing tiles /slates however we do have a choice of other materials to finish the external look in line with your property.

To construct this style of loft conversion there will need to be enough room in the existing loft space to allow conversion without extending the roof. Velux windows will be installed to allow natural light and ventilation into your loft conversion.

Since a change in regulations in late 2008, loft conversions are more likely to fall into the permitted development bracket than not. Put simply, this means you will probably not be required to seek planning permission. There are still some guidelines to follow, and the Planning Portal website is the ideal place to visit for initial reading.

Please feel free to ring us if need assistance.

A loft conversion designed and built by professionals like The Loft Consultancy could add up to 20-25% to the value of your home, depending on the size and scale of the space and where your property is situated.

Our Technical Design Team will establish high quality, accurate plans, including all the relevant structural calculations.

These will be submitted to the local authority or approved building control body and any amendments made in accordance with their recommendations.

This will take place before any materials have been ordered and work has commenced. Once agreed, and construction has begun, the local authority or approved building control body will make site visits to ensure the build matches up to the building regulations.

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